September 2013 Bonus: First Times (live from the Jangleheart Circus!)

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From the podcast

About a month ago, Upstairs Gallery - the venue we used to call home - hosted an awesome comedy festival in the city, and they were kind enough to let us record an episode of our podcast there. And here it is! Because it was their first festival and ours, we thought "First Times" would make a pretty nifty theme. And because there was a podcast portion of the festival, we thought it would be cool to invite other podcasters to participate. So we did! Please enjoy these thoughts on the theme from:

  • Mary Beth Smith - The First Time I: Took the Stage
  • Tim Dunn - The First Time I: Ran from the Cops
  • Erin McGathy - The First Time I: Made a Girl Cry
  • Jorin Garguilo - The First Time I: Picked up a Daniel Pinkwater Book
  • Mark Colomb - The First Time I: Watched The Empire Strikes Back

And here, for your listening pleasure, are links to everyone's podcasts:

And, while you're at it, come to our next sketch show - The Nerdologues Presents: Screw These Guys, Amirite?!