Shelby Mongan

Shelby is the first honorary member of the Nerdologues (with none of the rights and privileges therein). She's a cinch to spot despite being short, thanks to her loud laugh and tattoos. In the last five years, she has lived in three different states, now residing in Dayton, Ohio and working on her masters degree in theology. Though not serious comedian in any right, Shelby has been performing since she was young. She's also been a nerd since childhood, as evidenced by her desire as a seven year old to go to MIT to study chemistry. She shyly wandered into a Your Stories event in October of 2012 and became a regular storyteller until she shipped off to Ohio a year later. She visits Chicago regularly and eagerly tells stories to her Nerdologues family whenever she is home. (Also, as it is clear from the podcast, Dwight Haesler is her comrade in honorary Nerdologuedom and also her mortal enemy.)

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