Average Strength

Average Strength is hosted by Starting Strength coaches Bill Coyne and Spencer Irvin, and their co-host Bryan Duff. They talk with everyone, from average Joes to strength athlete pros, all to prove that whether you want to get in shape, gain entrance to Valhalla, or just make some changes in your life, strength training is the simplest, safest, and most effective method to get it done. Time to throw away those jogging shoes and get under the bar.


From the podcast

Finally, Bill and Spencer hosted a Starting Strength seminar at their gym, Kratos Strength Training in Evanston, Illinois. First, Matt Reynolds comes by to plug the Starting Strength online coaching model. And then the founder of Starting Strength himself, Mark Rippetoe, swings by to talk all things strength.

From the podcast

Powerlifter Pete Radlowski joins Bill and Bryan to talk about losing weight but still gaining strength. Plus, Starting Strength Coach Niki Sims joins to discuss plateauing and “The Boyfriend Problem.”