Ben's Volume 73

From the podcast

The spring of his freshman year of college, Ben Rathert was giving serious thought to his faith. Did he really buy into all the church teachings he'd grown up with? What were the consequences of not doing so? Well, Ben's answers to those questions between then and now have evolved, and on this week's episode he looks back at a one of his famous volumes he burned during that time of questioning and how, in a pretty big way, he was talking to himself. Coming from early 2003, these songs focus on themes of faith, love, and rebirth, and their placement on this volume has become clear in the intervening 15 years. 

For complete songs (where available), enjoy our Spotify playlist for this episode!

Ben's Volume 73 includes:
1. Tracy Chapman - You're the One
2. Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
3. Elton John - The Retreat
4. Billy Joel - All About Soul
5. James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind
6. George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
7. Ozzy Osbourne - See You on the Other Side
8. Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
9. Johnny Cash - I Hung My Head
10. Jesus Christ Superstar - Judas' Death
11. Metallica - The Unforgiven
12. Third Eye Blind - Burning Man
13. John Mellencamp - Human Wheels
14. Jewel - Hands
15. Jann Arden and Jackson Browne - Unloved
16. John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me
17. The Black Crowes - Soul Singing
18. Highland Pipes and Drums - Slow March, Retreat Air and Quickstep