Episode 206 - MBSing with Katy Jenkins, Dylan Schaefer, and Molly Southgate - Sci-Fi/Fantasy in Theatre

From the podcast

Katy, Dylan, and Molly share a love for watching and performing within the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres as well as sharing the stage in Otherworld Theatre Company's forthcoming original play, The Rogue Aviator. Dylan is an Otherworld (and MBSing) vet, Katy is a cast member of OTC's ongoing Sailor Moon parady series called Moon! Prism! Power!, and 10-year-old Molly is Otherworld's first child actor and was previously the youngest podcast host in the iTunes store. We spend some time on each of their favorite entries in the genres, the joys and frustrations of being a fan of these novels/films/TV shows, and the desire of the cast and company to bring more of these escapes to the stage.

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