Episode 245 - MBSing with Tiffany Keane Schaefer - Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)

From the podcast

Tiffany discovered the possibilities of LARPing via putting on immersion theatre as the Artistic Director of Otherworld Theatre Company. After their own production of Gone Dark and attending Sleep No More in New York, she was inspired to take the interest even further by producing a series of 2-day LARPs in the Midwest called Chronicles of the Realm. Find out about the levels of experiential gaming and theatre that can be achieved as well as the work and talent it takes to plan characters and re-plan scenarios on the fly as players discover the path they want the LARP to take.

Otherworld Theatre is buying their own space. Check out their IndieGoGo to contribute to the cause.

Past episodes featuring themes surrounding Otherworld Theatre productions include: Vampires, Shakespeare, Pen and Paper RPGs, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Theatre.

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