"The Inverted Pyramid" Actual Play/Tribute to Larry DiTillio, Part 1

logo by Claire Friedman
From the podcast

The first of a few episodes this season that do a little something different! Longtime She-Ra/He-Man scribe Larry DiTillio passed away in our off season; listeners of this show know the tremendous impact Larry had on this mythos we love but also on us personally. So, we thought we'd pay Larry tribute by embracing one of his other huge contributions to the world -- the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game! This week, guest Keeper (it's like a Dungeonmaster) Logan Dean from the podcast Low runs Lauren, Eric, and returning guests Jacob Torbeck and Marcus Warren through the first part of a brief adventure inspired by Larry's incredible Call of Cthulu campaign "Masks of Nyarlathotep" as well as his classic Masters of the Universe two-parter "House of Shokoti"! We hope to heck you enjoy this cuz it was really fun to make.