Best of Your Stories 2014!

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From the podcast

Here's the thing about these year-end episodes: every year as we make more and more friends and invite more and more speakers to the stage, the general quality of the stories just goes sky-high. It's really tough to pick only a few favorites to go on one podcast episode, but we did it anyway! As usual with the year-end episodes, all of these bad boys have new introductions from Nerdologues people, speakers, and audience members, so you'll hear why they really loved something right before you hear the thing they loved! 

With no further adieu, our favorite stuff from 2014 was...

  • Cover Stories: Royals
  • Cover Stories: Like a Stone
  • Case Blackwell: Manstress
  • Patrick Klepek: Evil Bong III
  • Andrew Bentley: The RNC
  • Chris Crotwell & Shelby Mongan: It Will Work Out
  • James D'Amato: This Is Not a Story About Tables
  • Natasha Samreny: Trip
  • Cover Stories: Firework

What's that you say? You want more great stories and songs? Well, there was so much to choose from this year that we made a blog post with everything else we loved that just couldn't fit! Find it here!