A Fortnight from the Heart, Part 1 (from 826CHI)

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On last week's episode, we explained this whole business with a Fortnight from the Heart, but if you didn't listen, fret not! This week, for our first live recording of 2018/our seventh year as a show, we'll explain it again and celebrate its love of power ballads and giving. And what better place to record a show that's interested in nonprofits than at 826CHI, one of our favorite organizations in the city. We're so thankful to them for letting us record in their classroom space yesterday and, more importantly, for all the incredible work they do in Chicago. You'll hear about that work (and hear some of their students' pieces) in this episode, which includes:

  • Cover Stories: Can't Fight This Feeling¬†
  • Matthew Sudman: Introduction / "Love Gave Me a Migraine" (Salome)
  • Ariel Atkins: My Infinity Gauntlet
  • Dan Smart: "Who Wants Love?" (Quinn) / Love Poems
  • Myke Golliday: Mannequin
  • Eileen Tull: "Feeling Trapped, Now Gone" (Claire) / Politically Engaged
  • Cover Stories: Angel Down

We'll be back next week with more stories and songs from this recording, and remember, we're going daily from February 1-14 to participate in our own fortnight!

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