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Cynthia is the sweetest gal on the block, so it was no surprise she wanted to chat about fun children's books with me. From her days as an actual child to her daytime nanny gig, she's run the gamut of being into good stories and good characters and good fun in books for kids.

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Three times the guests produced three times the fun with the wonderful ladies of Pony Patrol (Michelle Davey, Sarah Porter, and Charly Williams) telling me sPoOkY, firsthand tales of the paranormal. They all met in my home state of South Carolina, they all have at least one encounter with the paranormal, and they all got into trying to figure out what was up in their brain/the cosmos during the experience they had.

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Somehow, Tim and Clayton had never played EarthBound before they started to prep for this episode. Fortunately, Lauren Faits - aka Geek Girl Chicago - is here to explain why it's her favorite game!

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A slew of special guests (including some of the creative folks behind the upcoming web series Space Happens and Red Eye columnist/comic book author Elliott Serrano) return for a set of stories that include death threats, the captains of Star Trek, and Republicans. 

Hey guys watch out for the screamers they will pop up out of no where in this classic spooky scary vid!

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Becca Taubel is full to the brim of Saved by the Bell knowledge, and I could not wait to entice as much of it out of her as possible. She confesses to have been a fan of pretty much every high-school-set TV show of the era (90210, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, etc), but SBTB was easily her crowning jewel.


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