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His name is Matt Barbera, and he's a recovering out-oholic. Matt, currently in his tenth year of being president of the Playground Theatre, loves going out and being social so much he adopted (coined?) a term for it.

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This week, returning champion Kellen Terrett joins us as we pull back the curtains to reveal the top-secret and super-cool(?) world of beta testing, also known as playing a game before everybody else. 

Hi, I'm over here. Professor...scuse me...professor? 

"Superman gets a bad rap; from me mainly."
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Storytellers Chris Geiger

Founding Nerdologues Member Chris doesn't read Superman comics but can't imagine a world without Superman.

Our friend Tim Dunn came over to talk about his podcast, The Nerdologues Presents Talking Games with Tim and Clayton. Tim and Joe also happen to play Dungeons and Dragons together.