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The final battle to be the last immortal! The last one! Wait. The last one? 

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We love you guys so much we're bringing you an extra episode this month. How lucky are you? How lucky are WE to be able to sit down and chat with four of the five directors of Cor Res Theater, a unique and awesome group based in Chicago, IL. Not only do they have a SCANDALOUS Nerdologues connection (listen to the episode to find out what!), but they're actually putting up a show about the very thing we've been talking about this whole month--the end of the world! Perfect, right? Right.

This is what happens when Nerds pretend to be bros. #davematthewsband

Video production by Shawn Boyle and Diane Boyle at

From the podcast

It's still the end of the world as we know it, and yep, we're feeling fine with these sweet monologues (and songs! lots of songs!) about the end of days.