Chris Geiger

Chris is one of the founding members of The Nerdologues, as well as a super fun good time guy. Originally hailing from the wintry Deep South, Chris found Chicago's change in climate both appealing and welcome (lie), as well as a new home in its far reaching comedy traditions (true!). Since arriving by himself in the city years ago in a bright yellow car with everything he owned in it, Chris has worked with countless groups and performers, as well as trained at some of the city's finest institutions, including The Second City Conservatory. With The Nerdologues, he has traveled across the country, from coast to coast, spreading the peaceful message of nerdy good cheer. He currently works as a producer, writer, and director for The Public House Theatre.

Videos featuring Chris Geiger

First time playing?  Need a refresher?  Just want to learn more?

Chris of the Nerdologues takes us on a walkthrough of a sample game of Fisticuffs!  He'll explaining all of the basic rules, including: how to Punch, Block, and Counter; and when to play Rushes, Parries, and Feints; and how to make both allies and enemies!

Wasn't 2014 just lovely?

Wasn't it?

A brand new Assassin's Creed franchise! It has everything you could possibly want!

Big thanks to our pal Mark Colomb for filming and editing this stupid thing. See more of his stuff (and listen to his fantastic podcast, An Hour With Your Ex) at!