Nerds Online

Jeff Griggs talks about his book Guru, Del Close, Deep Schwa, Podcasts, Improv, Ships, Weddings, Rats, and more.  It's a super sized podcast.  We even talk about the start of The Harold Commission.

Patrick comes by to talk about the end of Den Mother, his one man show, and The Post Office.  Subscribe on iTunes and please rate the show if you have time.  It helps people find the show.  Thanks for listening.

Katie Rich joins me to talk about The Chicago Bears, Second City, and The Southside of Heaven.  As always Mark Colomb is your host.  Please rate the show on iTunes so more people can find it.  Thanks for listening.

Emily Wilson stops by to talk about being a children's agent, working at The Second City, and iO.  It's show 100.  Thanks for listening and please rate the show on iTunes.  Thanks.

Jake comes back to talk about making Rollocop, The Reckoning, Annoyance, and more. As always Mark Colomb is your hosts. Thanks for listening and tell a friend.

Tim Paul of The Annoyance Theater and The Second City joins me.  We talk about his one man shows No Fats No Femmes and Retarded.  Also Dollywood.  Mark Colomb is your hosts.  Thanks for listening.

Kara Jakubec head of marketing for The Playground Theater joins the show to talk law school, Ohio, and more. Mel Evans my co-host from An Hour With Your Ex sits in and we yell at each other (in jest) for a little while. Thanks for listening and please tell a friend.