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Eric Eyerman joins us to talk about meditation, group mind, and Halloween. As always Matt Owens and Mark Colomb are your hosts.

Sorry for the delay. ATT is a terrible service provider. Mark and Matt go back to the beginning and look to the future. Thank all of you so much for listening. Tell a friend.

Roy Ivy of The Tah Dahs and Polyphonic Spree joins us to play some songs and speak some truth. Stay after the show for two bonus Ivy Songs. We had a little trouble with Roy's mic so the levels are low for the interview. Sorry.

Joseph Phillips joins Mark to talk about Denver, Star Trek, and Casa goddamn Bonita. Matt Owens is missing this week. Thank You to all the folks who came out to the live show.

Matt and Mark fly solo this week. We meet many ancestors of Matt. Poor Choices Live Show. Tuesday August 10th, 10 P.M. $10. 10x10x10. Support the show.

John Brewster of skinprov and Germans joins us to talk about windows. Matt and Mark are you hosts. Poor Choices Live Show Tuesday August 10th at 10 PM. The Playground

Megan Johns of and The Annoyance joins us to talk PBR, starting a theater, and teaching the kids. Matt Owens and Mark Colomb are your hosts. Support the show August 10th, 10 PM at the Playground Theater. It's a Poor Choices Live Event.

Jimmy Pennington joins us again. We may have bought a gun. Duck you suckas. Matt Owens and Mark Colomb are your hosts.