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Peyton Brown of Claymore comes back to the show to talk about his trip abroad and his previous job as a tour guide. Subscribe to the show on iTunes and never miss a show.

Matt Young of Whirled News Tonight, Welcome to Your 30's Boys, and Improvised Start Trek joins me. We talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Arnie Niekamp, and more. Subscribe on iTunes.

Friend of the show Adal Rifai joins me for the first time in what we work out is two years. We talk auditioning, DCM, coaching, and a bonus round of stuff we like. Thanks Adal. Like the show on facebook and subscribe on iTunes.

Brendan Jennings of Cook County Social Club, The Best Friggin Time of Your Life, and Sky's The Limit (Weather Permitting) joins Mark to talk about Disneyland, Long Island, and performing in Chicago. This is a good one. Like the show on Facebook and Subscribe on iTunes. Also if you can, rate and review the show on iTunes. It only takes a minute and it really helps. Thanks for listening.

Steve Heisler talks about editing the comedy section of Time Out Chicago. We talk about iO, Second City, UCB, and more. The interview was done over skype. Thanks for listening.

Podcast Episode

John Sabine joins the show to talk about Texas, The Bay Area, playing on his iO team The Late 90's, boats, and most importantly The Dallas Mavericks. As always Mark Colomb is your host. Thanks for listening.

Jessica Hardy and Brent Kado join the show to talk about the upcoming Chicago Comedy Film Festival. We recorded in the middle of the air and water show here in Chicago. So it sounds like we are being invaded from time to time. Thanks for listening.