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Claire dressed in boys clothes until she was in seventh grade.

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Merry any holiday you could possibly be celebrating today! Our gift to you is our first guest ever, Vince Portacci (The Late 90's, Scoundrels) back on the podcast to discuss the Borderlands series, and how our traits and neuroses shape the characters we create in games. Enjoy this, and come back next week with our 2013 wrap up show!

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Our last brand-new episode of the year wraps up our month-long theme of "Across the Universe," which featured wonderful guest storytellers from Improvised Star Trek and A Klingon Christmas Carol as well as the usual group of Nerdologues members and friends!


For Cards Against Humanity's 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit:

More on Muscular Clown, the awesome friends that helped us make this:

Thanks to Chad Pickett for being a rad dude and gagging when the poop came out.


Hey! We're the Nerdologues. We spent a long time on this. 

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayA few days ago in my kitchen, Elliott and I had a delightful chat about his favorite film franchise, Star Wars. Unlike most fans, Elliott doesn't feel as much of a need to exclude those pesky prequels, and his defense essentially began with "shut the fuck up about Jar Jar Binks."

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Claire and I tackle the task of talking about a visual medium on an audio podcast, and we succeeded with flying colors. Claire is such a smart, kind lady who I consistently find myself lucky to have the pleasure of collaborating with regularly. She loves art and MBSing and did an excellent job sharing her love of both with me.

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Episode 51, mwahahaha! Today we talk with Ben Cook (IO's Big Spoon) about D&D, the theme song we almost went with, and end up playing a game we did once before on the podcast, "Name That Game Tune". Clayton and Ben sent me their favorite game music, and I quiz them to see who knows the most tracks, winner gets $20,000.