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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE FEBRUARY EPISODE OF YOUR STORIES. Well, the first part, anyway. This show we've got improviser Steve Persch regaling us with a tale of contextual coolness, blogger Shawn Boyle sharing his fear of the apocalypse, Nerdologues troupe member Kevin Reader reliving the glory days of eighth grade basketball and special guest stand-up Mat Elfring (of Comicvine fame) sharing some tales from his time in the comic book industry. Additionally, this month we're joined musically by one Matt Heckler, an excellent folk singer/songwriter from the south suburbs of Chicago.

From the podcast: Your Stories

Friday, January 6th, 2012

As of this month, The Nerdologues Presents: Your Stories is changing its home. We'll now be hosting the show at the Upstairs Gallery, 5219 N. Clark in Chicago. We're also moving showtime up an hour to 7:00 PM. The event's still free, and this time it's BYOB (since it's not at a bar). So all you have to do is show up and listen to stories or, hey, tell one yourself!

From the podcast: Your Stories

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

If you listen our show, you know that Nerdologues is more than just a podcast. Check out this great video created by and starring Claire Friedman (December 2011 Part 1) about the perils of being a lady who loves comics. The video also features appearances from a bunch of Nerdologues talent, including Kevin Reader (January 2012), Aaron Pinkston (December 2011 Part 2) and yours truly (the omnipresent host). We’ve actually gotten some pretty serious attention from this thing, especially on girl geek blog The Mary Sue — you can check out that mini-controversy here. What do you guys and gals think of our short?

From the podcast: Your Stories

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Hey everyone, welcome to the January episode of the Nerdologues Present: Your Stories podcast. I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Once again we're coming at you with a great collection of audience-generated stories for your enjoyment. We've got a good one for you. You'll hear blogger Shawn Boyle calculate the preciousness of life mathematically. Comedian Andrew Bentley and myself share two love letters to musicians named Bruce - Dickinson and Springsteen, respectively. Additionally, Kevin Reader and Alex Talavera from the Nerdologues share stories from previous runs of sketch shows, including a scathing Amazon review and a Crisis on Infinite Alexes. If you want to be a part of the next Your Stories recording, it'll take place on Sunday, January 15 at a venue to be determined. Check for more info!

From the podcast: Your Stories

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Hey everybody, welcome to the second part of the Nerdologues Present: Your Stories December podcast. Like last time, the show you're about to hear was recorded live at the Pub Theater, 3220 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. Everything on this podcast has been created and performed by audience members who volunteered to share their stories. This time out, you'll hear from Chicago comedian and production master Jeremy Kanne, who recalls doing whatever it took to be cool in junior high. Blogger and film critic Aaron Pinkston gives us a taste into his neuroses for cataloging trivia, and the mysterious Angela shares a story of falling in love over some eloquently-written e-mails. PLUS I relate a recent experience involving broken hearts and comic books. As usual, the show also features live music from myself and Dwight Haesler of the band Take Cover.

From the podcast: Your Stories

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

The Nerdologues Presents: Your Stories is a storytelling podcast sponsored by the Chicago sketch comedy troupe the Nerdologues that features totally audience-generated content. Each month people share stories, songs, sketches and the like about their experiences being a nerd. They can be funny, poignant or even outright sad, but they're all honest and they're all fantastic.